Oleg Timofeyev, Master of the Russian Seven-String Guitar: Performances in Ellensburg, WA, February 26 & 27, 2023

Guitar in the Gallery Presents:

The Golden Age of the Russian Guitar


Polonaise melancholique                                               Ignatz von Held (1766-1814)

Air with Variations and Rondo                                Anon. (Polish MS)

Kozak                                                                         Anon. (Madame Diehl’s MS)

KozaqueAir Russe                                                    A. Swientitsky (Moscow, ca. 1803)

Folie d’Espagne                                                          Andrei Sychra (1773–1850)

God Save the Tsar!

Cachucha                                                                     Pietro Pettoletti (ca. 1795-ca. 1870)

L’illusion perdue and the Orphan’s song                   Nikolay Alexandrov (1818-1884)

Polonaise in E Major                                                  Michał Ogiński (arr. by Sychra)

Polonaise in G Minor                                                            


Ukrainian Song                                                          Mikhail Vysotsky (1791-1837)

Fantasia “At the Seashore”                                       Vasily Sarenko (1814-1881)

Ukrainian Dance                                                                  

Spanish Serenade                                                       Matvei Pavlov-Azancheev (1888-1963)

The Zulu Procession


Songs and Dances from the USSR                            Mikhail Gorbunov  (ca. 1930)

Dr. Oleg Timofeyev is a master of the late nineteenth-century seven-string guitar for which a wealth of repertoire was composed during the height of the Russian empire – in the age of the Czars. A world-renowned expert on this instrument and its music, Oleg will be publishing his research through Duke University press in the near future.

Sunday, Feb. 26, at 2:00 in Gallery One: Guitar in the Gallery Presents!
Oleg will play Music from the Age of Czars played on a late 19th century seven-string historic instrument. Admission by sugggested donation, $10.

While in Ellensburg, Dr. Timofeyev will also be presenting two additional events at Central Washington University:

1. Lecture/Recital: The Seven-String Guitar in the Russian Empire  
Mon. Feb. 27, CWU Recital Hall, 1:00pm

In this lecture-recital, Dr. Timofeyev traces the origins of the seven-string guitar to the milieu of Czech and Polish musicians who found themselves in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the 1790s.  He then describes through music and slides the rich culture of the Russian Empire seen through images of the seven-string guitar literature, paintings, and memoirs. Finally, the 1917 Revolution brings the glory of the seven-string guitar to an end and ushers in a new approach to music.  

2. Film Showing: “The Gypsy Vengerka” (2022, 90 mins)
Mon. Feb. 27, Museum of Culture & Environment, Dean Hall Museum lobby, 5:30pm

In this new film, Romani (“Gypsy”) musicians take center stage as Dr. Timofeyev and his film crew document the importance of the Romani in Russian and Soviet culture. “The Gypsy Vengerka” (2022, 90 mins) will followed by a Q & A session with Dr. Timofeyev (and possibly members of the Romani via zoom).

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