Recent Musica Antiqua concert included the Serenade pour Guitarre, Flute, et Cor, Op. 3 by Christian Dickhut (fl. 1812).

2019 Musica Antiqua

Dickhut Serenade was played by Tamara Caulkins (guitar, second from left), Hal Ott (flute, third from left), Jeff Snedeker (horn, furthest right).

Neil Caulkins (guitarist) on far left played Fantaisie by Carulli with Hal Ott (flute), and Trois Nocturnes for cello and guitar by Bürgmuller with John Michel (cello).

Neil and Tamara also played the Allegro Moderato, Op. 21 by Benigne Henry for two guitars.

Photo taken at Central Washington University, Music building.

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