Nineteenth-Century Trio for Guitar, Flute, and Horn, First Movement

Here is a live recording of the Adagio from the Serenade pour Guitarre, Flute et Cor, Op. 4 by Christian Dickhut (?-1829) performed by Neil Caulkins (guitar), Dr. Hal Ott (flute), and Dr. Jeff Snedeker (horn).


4 thoughts on “Nineteenth-Century Trio for Guitar, Flute, and Horn, First Movement

  1. Very nice! I wouldn’t have thought there would be a composition for this sort of ensemble. Did you transcribe the horn part to be in a more useful key for the player?

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    1. Thanks Steve. No, the composer was a horn player (in Manheim), and so it’s originally written for this instrumentation. No transcription was involved. I know of at least 4 trios by Dickhut for this combination of instruments.


      1. Thanks for the info! I looked at IMSLP and saw “Corno in D” but I was looking at the score for the wrong piece. I now see that this one has horn in F. I guess D is a common thing to have to transpose for F horn though… must have been because of different instruments in the past. Learned something new!

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