Old & New Guitars

DSCN1478We just dropped off a guitar built in Germany around 1850 with master builder Scot Tremblay for repairs.  We are very excited to get it concert-ready again. We also picked out woods for a “Terz” guitar that we commissioned Scot to build for us.  A “Terz” was a smaller guitar that was tuned a third higher (in G rather than E). There is a tremendous number of duets for regular guitar with the “Terz” from the early 19th century, as well as concerti and duets with forte piano. Ours will have a European spruce top, bird’s-eye maple back and sides, and an Indonesian Macasar Ebony fret board.  We are very excited about these instruments and could not be more pleased with Scot’s work. Pictured is Scot holding our German instrument that’s in need of repair.

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